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Since 1988, Digitech Security Company has been providing the Greater New Orleans area, North shore, and Mississippi Gulf Coast with the finest alarm and fire protection services. We are a LIFE-SAFETY company and the name you’ve grown to trust has expanded to now offer you the latest in Audio/Video services.

Digitech Security Company is a provider of quality home electronics, protection systems and monitoring services.
We believe that our future growth can only be sustained through fully satisfying our customers.

We are a leadership company that succeeds through a strong commitment to “Quality” in every aspect of our business.
We strive for quality by recognizing and rewarding employee performance, by meeting our responsibilities towards our customers and providing leading edge technology.

Digitech Security Company

  • Services Locally owned and operated since 1988
  • State licensed and insured
  • Security Monitoring Station

We are the top provider of fire alarms, burglar alarms, and customized
security systems in New Orleans

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